Diving Thumbnails

Manta that swam by boat

The Don Jose

Don Jose

Luis our boatman

Enrique our expert chef

Alfredo - Divemaster

Motley Group

Our hard working organiser Ed

The dynamic duo of Barry and Adam

Dr. Dougie and Enrique

Beth and Bill

Dr. Dougie Cinematographer

Adam after hugging a Manta


Ron showing the look he had when he saw a shark coming his way...

Dougie doing the dive boat strip tease

Ron Working it #1

Multi pic

Stef and Philippe

Me (camera added 50 pounds!)

Manta approaching boat

Beth in repair kit for broken divers

Ron working it #2


Ron working it #3

Cindy and Ed

Ron still working it #4

Ron happy but alone

after dive

The A Man in his signature hat

You can't see the margaritas, but you can feel em!

John's Birthday (almost set the boat on fire)

Ed and Albert

Can't see the Pina coladas here either


Dr. Bill playing bone man

Beth rebuilding divers again

A - Man!


My nose is NOT that red!


Enrique ++

Our frogz :)


Manta bids adieu