In September I went again to Chez Barringer for another outing in Oregon. We went mountain biking, Hiking and a little windsurfing


Dave ready for a day of windsurfing

Jason, Josh, and Greg

Dave's nephew Greg

Jody and Josh


Lake at the beginning of the hike

Lake shore

Me checking out the bright foliage


Dave in the woods

Deep in the forest

Beautiful layered leaves

Thrown boulders covered with mossy growth

This is Just Beautiful

Dense leaves layered like a green mobile over the path

Mountain view along the way

Along the way

Lost again

Over the falls

Passage under the falls



Walking through the passage 120 feet above teh creek

Tree covered bridge

Lost yet again?

View back up the river

Punch Bowl Falls

Salmon on the way to spawn


Dead tree and Dave

Dave the boyscout

Lost again...but refreshed

Me, my lunch, my wine and a great place for us to stop to enjoy it!

Me catching up!

Dave about to go over the falls

I was looking through my viewer about to take a shot and saw this

Eagle Creek

Dave on the creek

Barry on the Creek

This would be an ugly view from a canoe

Jason, Josh and Greg