The Maldives Diving Adventure on board The MS Manthiri April 2003

MALE The Maldives from the Manthiri
MALE The Maldives from the Manthiri
This is the Dive tender that we boarded to go to dive sites.
On board the diving tender
Second Breakfast after morning dive
Morning After the Feast
Ocean Surface Broiling with fish escaping
See the fish escaping breakfast!
Manthiri Dive Masters
Naked diver ME!
Graceful entry
Man this is the best tasting sea water I have ever had!
Afternoon snack
Manthiri Lounge
How many dives so far Bob?
Yet another Azure Blue view island view
Moosa My Nitrox Instructor
We were invited to the home of one of the crew memebers for a wonderful local feast
Service was great, hospitality very warm
The food was fresh, rich and very tasty...
Kids do like candy.....
Deal me in
Castaway with the crew for an Island feast
The Island munchies
later we were attacked by crabs
Was that a great dive????
Man, what a crowded boat!
This was our route through the Maldives
This was the summary of our dives to date
Interesting Yacht from Egypt
The old home of the Maldivian President
The Minaret of the Mosque taken from the local park Male, Maldives
Minaret and dome of the Mosque
Image, a whole tuna for $2
Funky Auto repair shop in the Maldives
Our humble liveaboard
It is always hard to beat a sunset on a dive boat in the tropics.
If you are Japanese every moment is a photo op